Carrot Bisque

I have a love of Bisque's - creamy rich soups and this recipe from an old cookbook of mine called Greene on Greens from 1984 is my favorite!
I made it for dinner last night and served a spinach salad with it.
This is a simple spinach salad with grapes and slivered almonds.
Brianna's poppyseed dressing but I mixed it with a little orange juice to give it a little citrus flavor..soooo yummy!
This cookbook is from 1984 and you can tell it has been loved :) yeah this is a keeper! Great recipes! You can purchase it here
When you sauté the bacon and onions it fills the air with such goodness!
I love chopping up the celery, onions, carrots and mushrooms but sometimes I am ina hurry and purchase things already sliced or chopped.
I didn't chop up the carrots but I should have so that more surfaces of the carrot were getting sautéed but it was still yummalicious
I bought already sliced mushrooms this time around
Once the veggies have sautéed a bit you add the broth, and spices and let it simmer for a bit. The smell of this is just incredible, then I use my hand held immersion blender so purée the soup..I love that little appliance!
Here is the recipe..notice the smears and worn page...I have made this so many tastes even better the next day! I love how he writes the cookbook it is more like a book than a cook book with great stories!
Let me know if you try this recipe out!
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