Cooking With The Style Sisters- Easy Salmon recipe

Yep I've decided to branch out a little and start a cooking blog. I have so many great recipes that I think you will all enjoy and all in one place so now you wont have to search through my entire Style Sisters blog to find them..They will be right here and hopefully organized so you can easily find them.
Cooking with The Style Sisters easy grilled mesquite salmon, grilling salmon

Tonight I am starting off with a simple grilled Salmon recipe that a friend shared with me when we lived back in Texas and two simple side dishes that you will love. We have found that we prefer Wild sock eye salmon it tastes the best...we don't particularly care for farm raised salmon but it is all in what you like.
Easy mesquite salmon recipe, grilling salmon recipe
This is the secret: McCormick Grill Mates Mesquite marinade..just add a little olive oil and water...mix it up and pour it on the fish and let marinade for 15 min or longer and then grill! Really flavorful! We grill our Salmon on medium high heat skin side down first and then flip it over until it flakes...about 10 minutes total. Another option For you is you can put your fish on some aluminum foil and place on the grill but we like the grill lines and the flavor when we grill it directly on the grill. Simple, easy and YUMMY!
McCormicks Grill Mates Mesquite marinade, grilled mesquite flavored salmon
Next up is grilled patty pan squash and mini Zucchini's...I've seen them at Walmart but I got mine from Costco and they are so tender and delicious! I cut the mini Zucchini's in half and the patty pan squash into thirds for quicker grilling time then I just pour a little olive oil over them add some kosher salt and pepper and toss them around to coat. Then I use a grilling basket and grill them until they turn slightly golden. I don't like mushy vegetables so I don't cook them long....I like them to still have a little crispness to them.
Cooking with the style sisters
We tried this new Afghan bread and spreads that was being sampled at Costco and I have to say it is a mouthful of pure goodness! The brand is called Bolani and they sell all kinds of clean food items. We bought two different kinds of their flat breads...spinach and pumpkin they only have 80 calories per half! We topped ours with some of their sauces...Lentil curry and sweet jalapeƱo....pure deliciousness!!if your Costco or farmers market does not carry these products you can buy them online at Bolani and sauces
Bolani flat bread, cooking with the style sisters
Well there you go my first cooking post on my new blog! Stay tunes for lots more yummy recipes to come!

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