Making Progress Fruit Smoothie

Making Progress Smoothie 
My name is Emily and I am part of The Style Sisters blogging team aka the youngest and the "favorite" daughter of Karin :) I am new to this blogging world. I am addicted to smoothies and thought I would share a quick simple healthy smoothie I just made in my new NutriBullet made by MagicBullet. I am on a quest to lose some weight and I want to feel more healthy that is why I have named this smoothie "Making Progress"
All you will need is
-Handful of spinach 
-5 Strawberries
-1 Frozen banana
-1/2C Yogurt
-1/4C Frozen blueberries 
-1/4C Water
-Few Ice cubes 
-1 spoonful Chia seeds
-1 spoonful Flax seeds
-1 Tbs. Orange juice
I put it all in the blender and let it work it's "magic". It made about two 12oz cups. 

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