Owl Party- Mini Acorn Cookies

Owl Party
Hi ladies...this is Joanie I can't wait to share this fun evening I had with our Young Women's Organization in our church. We had a program that we call Standards night, it encourages the girls to live their lives as the Savior did. It includes dressing modestly, serving one another and

being morally clean. The Young Womem put together a wonderful program that included a fashion show and little skits...they did such a great job. I was given the opportunity to do the food with the theme that was centered around Owls to work with. I found these darling owls at Michaele's and Joann's...aren't they so cute! I doctored them up with a few flowers and feathers!

It was so much fun preparing all the decorations and goodies!!
Don't they look like they are about to dance LOL
Owl Party Decoration

Owl Party decorations
I found vases at Miachel's that were already covered in bark and stuffed them with shredded grass to hold the tree branches.
We stuck the branches in the vases and clipped the Owls onto the branches.
A cute friend of mine made the sign for us using vinyl lettering
I used pumpkins to anchor the sign on each side and to allow for the biggest owl to stand out.
Owl Party
We served little acorn cookies (directions below)

Mini acorn cookies, desserts

We served crackers and a yummy dip (recipe on the blog tomorrow) that my cute mom used to make ...it is a classic go to holiday dip you will love!!
Aren't these owl cupcakes adorable! We used Oreos and colorful m&m's to make the eyes.

Owl cupcakes
I adore these little acorn yummies.
The hardest part of the procedure is removing the foil off of the Hershey kisses.
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Acorn Treats
1/4 (16 oz.) package chocolate-flavored candy coating, melted

1 8 oz. package miniature peanut butter sandwich cookies

About 36 chocolate kisses, unwrapped

About 37 milk chocolate chips

Spread approximately 1/4 tsp. melted candy coating onto one side of cookie; press a chocolate kiss to adhere. Set on parchment paper to dry. Repeat with remaining cookies and chocolate kisses. Once dry, spread approximately 1/4 tsp. melted candy coating onto other side of cookie, and press chocolate chips to adhere; set on parchment paper to dry. Repeat process with remaining cookies and chocolate morsels. Store covered, at room temperature for up to 1 week.

* I used Nutter Butter bites

* I just dipped the kisses in the melted chocolate but did not spread the chocolate on each one.

It went quite fast since I had to make 150 of them.

Mini acorn cookies

These darling little chocolate Banana cupcakes (recipe tomorrow on the blog) are sprinkled with sliced almonds and were so delicious.

I baked them in these little oval baking cups. (I will have the cups available to purchase

soon.) They are awesome due to the fact that you do not need baking pans, just the cups.

Joanie :)
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