Healthy Super Bowl Football Food

Over the years we have tried to make Super Bowl food in fun and healthy ways so I thought I would share a few of them with you.

Pineapple football fruit platter
Just by carving the pineapple in a football shape and adding slices of strawberries for the laces makes it look kind of like football. Plus we added lots of other fruits all around the base.

Super Bowl Football Food- Pineapple football fruit platter

or how about a football veggie tray? Using the colorful vegetables you can create a football shape and snap peas for the laces. Using your creativity makes it fun!
Super Bowl Football Food - Football veggie tray
Last year my daughter made this quacamole and bean dip and used sour cream to pipe out the yard lines and names of the teams!

Super Bowl Football Food

Football Cupcakes! White cupcakes with white frosting and green sprinkles with a chocolate dipped strawberry football on the top! The laces are piped on with white frosting. So cute!
Super Bowl Football Cupcakes, Football Cupcakes

Now lest you think we only eat these things we usually serve little weenies with BBQ sauce, crackers and cheese, corn chips and shredded pork sandwiches! So we mix the unhealthy with the healthy :)

What do you love to serve for the Super Bowl?
I did a fun graduation party in blue and white but you could do the same thing in the colors of your team to have a nice party. You will love the treat ideas with little flags that could be your team flag! Super simple but cute!

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