Meet The Team

Cooking With The Style Sisters Team is made up of women from all ages and stages of life and they are all my family!
We have over 100 years combined experience of cooking between all of us! Even though we live in 3 different states we love to share recipes and ideas through texts, emails and just gabbing on the phone. Each of us has our own cooking style and preferences so I think you will enjoy seeing the variety of recipes here fro smoothies to fabulous decadent desserts and simple crockpot meals to gourmet looking dinners and everything in between. Let me introduce you to the Team

I am Karin an empty nester that never has an empty nest! We have family, friends and acquaintances that come and stay with us often! I love to have them here and I love to cook for them. 
I love spending time with my family laughing, shopping, beaching, cooking and eating!
My style of cooking is pretty much grilling, roasting and baking in a nut shell.
I love to cook with fresh colorful vegetables, lean meats,
fish and of course an amazing dessert to finish it off!
Tiffany is my little sister and is seriously one of the funniest happiest people I know! I love spending time with her and wish we lived closer to each other! Tiffany is mom of 5 kids, 4 boys and 1 daughterwho happens to be serving an 18 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Washington D.C. Tiff is one busy gal keeping up with these kids so her cooking style is using her crock pot and getting together with friends to make freezer meals! Easy yummy and filling for all those boys!

This is my cute mom, Joan..her cooking style could be summed up in one word Chocolate! Mom  is an amazing chocolatier as well as a fabulous cook and loves to use unique ingredients for lots of flavor. Mom started the love of cooking for me as a young girl I remember her always serving us a beautiful dinner and always entertaining guests.
Mom has her own chocolate business and sells delectable chocolate turtles where the caramel melts in your mouth and the lightly toasted nuts meld into the European chocolate to give your mouth the most amazing experience ever! and order some today!

 Madeline is my oldest and she  loves all things healthy! Madeline's cooking style is healthy! Madeline has an amazing garden that she and her whole family built and planted together so she is always looking for yummy recipes using fresh vegetables from garden.
One of Madeline's favorite chefs is Jamie Oliver who cooks using whole foods...nothing processed.
Madeline is an amazing young mom who loves yoga, photography and learning! Madeline is the mom of my 3 beautiful grandchildren whom I don't get see enough! Madeline is a super busy wife and mother to 2 boys and 1 girl and makes her home in Idaho. You will love her healthy recipes and you will be inspired to try new things!

Emily is my youngest daughter, fun loving, football fanatic, lover of delicious baked goods and smoothies!
 We recently bought a nutribullet blender and she is all about making healthy delicious smoothies. You will also see some amazing football food ideas from her on this blog...she is all about anything to do with football and loves to be creative with her football food presentations! 
 Emily is a very funny sassy young single gal who is trying new things! I know you will Love her recipes and funny writing.

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